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From 14 to 22 October, a cross-border Festival of transformative economies, between Gorizia and Nova Gorica!


Organised with the support of


Organised with the support of

Saturday 29 October 2022


        9.30 -14.30 |               Meeting point: Jordan Bakery in Capriva del Friuli‚Äč

Below is the program of the excursion on Saturday 29 October, accompanied by Maddalena, to discover the path of creation of the flour and the products of the pact and to get to know the people and activities adhering to the upper Isonzo flour pact.

At 9.30 we will meet with Matteo in the main square of Capriva del Friuli, at Jordan Bakery, to start the day with an excellent breakfast, of course with baked goods with the flour of the pact.

We will move to Dolegna del Collio and at 10.30 we will visit the Trussio mill and the small museum, guided by the miller Enrico.

We will have lunch at Agriturismo Scribano di Craoretto at 12.30 with a delicious menu and excellent wines.

Mixed appetizers accompanied by the pact bread:

- trio of local cheeses

- home-made salami

- homemade pickles and in oil

- omelette

First course: Buckwheat blecs with seasonal sauce

Dessert: Homemade pie

Wine, water and coffee are included.

The all-inclusive participation fee is 30 euros.

The minimum number of participants is 12, the maximum 25.

The transfers will take place with your own car, so we invite you to organize yourself with those you know to share the trip.

The Flour Pact

The first pact of the Friuli Venezia Giulia flour supply chain for the production of flours and derivatives of high quality but economically accessible to all, produced with sustainable methods and free from market laws. Farmers, processors and consumers have started a process together during which the costs for the production of wheat and for its transformation are presented and shared; the production methods were chosen together, through the exchange of knowledge. Furthermore, consumers have decided in advance the quantity of product they will buy, assuming, for the first time, part of the business risk and undertaking to anticipate part of the final expenditure, thus covering the first costs incurred by farmers. The cereals come from non-certified organic farming because the desire is to create a new relationship of trust between all the active parties in the pact, guaranteeing the highest quality through total production transparency and mutual exchange, thus making the certifications are superfluous and, in this way, managing to contain the prices of the final product. The foundations are being built for a real short supply chain where the crops and processing workshops can be visited thanks to the geographical proximity to the consumer adhering to the pact.

Enrico Tuzzi , oenologist, agricultural expert specializing in regenerative agriculture. Independent researcher in the agronomic field, scientific popularizer. Owner of Molino Tuzzi, contact person for the Pact of Flour and the FVG Participatory Guarantee project


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