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From 14 to 22 October, a cross-border Festival of transformative economies, between Gorizia and Nova Gorica!


Organised with the support of


Organised with the support of

Saturday 22nd October 2022


ore 14.00 -19.00         Aula Magna UNITS, Via Alviano 18, Gorizia

The Solidarity Renewable Energy Communities are favored by Legislative Decree 199/2021 which promotes the use of energy from renewable sources. They are an innovative model of production and self-consumption of energy from alternative sources to fossils, capable of integrating family income and reducing energy dependence. The session intends to develop awareness-raising initiatives to encourage the aggregation of solidarity communities, neighborhoods or condominiums, which share a sustainable local economic development plan and fight against energy poverty. 

The session aims to provide the information and technical knowledge to be able to develop energy community projects through the aggregation of supportive, neighborhood or condominium communities, in collaboration with all stakeholders (Local Authorities, companies, associations, etc.) that share a plan for sustainable local economic development and combating energy poverty. The afternoon will be organized in two parts: a lecture with experts in the field, followed by a workshop divided into four specific working groups aimed at exploring procedures regarding the possible start-up of energy communities.


Participation in the session is possible through registration on the following form.

14.00 -16.30

Conference program

Emilio GottardoSpokeperson for the RECs of Legambiente FVG

Introduction and conference presentation

Lorenzo Raimondo De VidovichUNITS – Political and Social Sciences Dep.

What are the Solidarity Renewable Energy Communities – The strategic value, the benefit for Communities.

Putting communities at the centre of the ecological transition

Alessandra Motz Researcher at the Institute for Economic Research (IRE) - CH

The energy transition's social acceptance of and the role of RECs 


The contribution of local and regional authorities to the realization of RECs 

Rajko LebanDirector of the Agency GOLEA - Local Agency for Energy in Nova Gorica

(In English) Opportunities for a better future. Cases of Energy Communities in Slovenia

Davide Biolghini - COENERGIA

The participation of COENERGIA in the RECs building processes 

ATER Gorizia

The involvement of ATER Gorizia in the RECs building processes 

Mariateresa ImparatoPresident of Legambiente Campania

Presentation of the case of the Solidarity Renewable Energy Community in Napoli Est

Gianpaolo Bidoli - Former Major – FVG Counsillor

On-going experience of Solidarity Renewable Energy Community in Friuli region - Municipality of Tramonti di Sotto

Introduced and moderated by: Emilio Gottardo 

           16.30 - 17.00    Coffee break

            17.00 - 19.00

Workshop "The opportunities of Solidarity Renewable Energy Communities"

participation is subject to registration writing at 


Introduces the workshop and runs the work groups formation

On the basis of the questionnair completed by the participants at the beginning of the event, the organisers assign them to the following Groups of Work (GdL):

GdL 1 - How to involve in the RECs building process the interested parties

coordinated by: Paolo Tomasin / Alessandra Metz

GdL 2 - How to identify in a study area the surfaces for the installation of RECs photovoltaic systems – lthe issues related

coordinated by: Luca Cadez 

GdL 3 - How to calculate the size of  a photovoltaic system for RECs dimensionare un impianto FV per una CERS  on the basis of energy and financial benefit analyses.
Case study:  the Community of Straccis – Gorizia

coordinated by: Lorenzo Raimondo De Vidovich

GdL 4 - Ethical values and principles in RECs contract to  e principi etici nel contratto delle CERS to regulate relations among families, companies, local authorities

coordinated by: Davide Biolghini

18.40 - 19.00 | ProDES FVG APS and Legambiente FVG: return of the works

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